Sounding Out is brought to you by Bag Factory Artists’ Studios, one of Johannesburg’s leading visual arts organisations. It is part of the Triangle Network, an international network of artist­?led workshops and residencies that encourages “the exchange of ideas, artists’ mobility, experimentation and fresh thinking” ( The year 2012 sees the Bag Factory celebrating its 21st birthday and it continues to support and promote the visual arts in South Africa.

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The Bag Factory’s curatorial development programme aims to develop, inspire and educate young curators by providing them with the opportunity for hand-on experience through partnership with a professional curator on an exhibition concept devised by that curator. The assistant curator participates in the process, from concept development through to exhibition, with the exhibition running for two to three weeks in the Gallery of the Bag Factory. Sounding Out is part of this programme and is funded by the National Arts Council.

Kim Gurney works across disciplines in visual art, academic research and journalism. She has held two solo exhibitions, participated on numerous group shows in South Africa, and recently founded an artist-­led experimental space in Johannesburg. Kim is a Research Associate at African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town, engaged primarily on a project around art and public space in Johannesburg, and a Research Associate at University of Johannesburg’s Research Centre: Visual Identities in Art and Design. In September, she curates Appeal 2012, a collaborative exhibition by Elgin Rust.

Thato Mogotsi is an independent curator and writer, with a special focus on documentary photography, based in Johannesburg. She received training in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the Market Photo Workshop in 2006 and later went on to join the daily newspaper, The Times, as assistant photo editor and online picture researcher. Recently, she was project assistant and co-­curator on several critical projects including the Wide Angle Forum: Photography as Public Practice and the 2011 FNB Joburg Art Fair, among others. In February 2012, Thato presented her first independent curatorial project at GoetheonMain project space called Split Facades. Thato is currently Gallery Assistant at the Stevenson_Johannesburg Gallery. However, she continues to engage with non-commercial and experimental curatorial approaches and visual art discourse through her own writing and independent practice.